March 03, 2015

Enzyme uses scientific raw material formula and based on biotechnology, chooses dozens fresh fruits, vegetables, alpine vegetation, seaweed and Chinese herbs, and then added dozens of good bacteria to fermente, then the result you get is enzyme. Every drop of enzyme contains rich and complete natural vitamins and minerals and amino acid, and it’s very natural, so it plays an important role on Balance nutrition, keep health, strong and beauty.

What is the enzyme used for? 1, It can support digestive. Enzyme uses advanced biotechnology to add millions of good bacteria, and every milliliter has more than 100 millions of good bacteria. That’s why it can change the bacteria in our guts and support digestive. 2, keep the guts moving. Beneficial bacterium now functions to improve balance of intestines bacterium group. Abdominal distension disappears and excrement delivery becomes smooth. 3, Adjust our own constitution, regulate the physiological function, keep our bodies health. 4, There’s no burdens to take enzyme. 5, promote good health and a healthy metabolism, have less stress. The nutritious in enzyme can be digested immediately, therefore can replenish energy and renew strength soon.

Enzyme has rich vitamin B complex which is always lacked by the vegetarians. It is not only suitable for vegetarians, but also good for growing children, people who sleep late and have an unhealthy diet, people who just delivered a baby or cure from a disease, people who always feel tired, drunk people, people who smoke a lot, beauty-conscious women and elders.