Cranberry 蔓越莓

January 08, 2015

For a lot of women, frequent UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) makes them fell under mounting pressure, giving them troubles in their daily lives. UTI is one of the most common infections and its most common pathogenic bacteria are e. coli. When the bacteria multiply rapidly, people will have bladder infections, or even worse, acute pyelonephritis. Because female urethra is shorter than male’s, female has higher prevalence of UTI infection than male.

It’s a statistical fact that 90 percent of the female experience at least once UTI in their lives. The urinary tract at ordinary times has little bit e. coli, and when it gets infected, the quantity of e. coli will increase. A new study which is published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” shows that the proportion of outpatient visits for UTI is more than 11 million times, and there are serious concerns about the UTI is resistant to antibiotics. Urinary problems have become a huge health risk for many people now.

In order to solve the trouble for most of people, scientist found that cranberry is an effective UTI and cystisis supplement. “New England Journal of Medicine” also noted that taking cranberry is effective for UTI. Cranberry can prevent E. coli adhere to urinary tract, so it likes an ice skate for germs, letting the germs coming out of your body by urination.

All in all, taking cranberry can produce great benefits for our urinary tract and other parts of the body. It’s a natural antibacterial treatment tool. Study shows that a person needs at least 200cc cranberry juice to prevent UTI, but the natural fresh cranberry juice is too sour, and the bottled cranberry juices always have too much sugar in it to make it tastes better, which is not good for health. Therefore, the best way to make cranberry to be effective is make it into a health product, easy to take and can also insure adequate intake.


對許多女性而言,反覆性的泌尿道感染帶來生活上許多的困擾及不便. 泌尿系統感染是大家常接觸到的感染疾病,其致病菌以大腸桿菌最常見。細菌大量繁殖後,造成常見的膀胱炎,嚴重造成急性腎盂腎炎。女性同胞因尿道長度比男性短,所以泌尿系統感染的發生率遠高於男性。


為了解決大部分人的這一困擾, 科學家發現蔓越莓是對付膀胱炎、尿道感染有效的輔助品。而《新英格蘭醫誌》也指出,蔓越莓可有效預防尿道炎。蔓越莓主要是因為能抑制大腸桿菌在泌尿道的黏附,而不是因為尿液酸化的原因,因此蔓越莓有如細菌的溜冰鞋,讓細菌隨著尿液,由尿道排出。