Bilberry Extract 越橘

November 14, 2014

Eyes, usually been called the window of the soul, and one of the most important component of our body to make contact with the outside. Protecting our eyes has become a very important job for us. Today, the pace of life is increasing with the development of the civilization in our society, which leads to many eyes problems like overuse, eyes diseases etc.


Authoritative reports show that nearly half of the students are myopic. Such heavy workload makes children overuse their eyes, while always looking down on their books makes theirs eyes get too close to the book, which makes the ciliary muscle always in stress, then lead to dry eyes, and then become myopic. For the office works, they keep staring at computers all day long, and even when they get home they are still watching TV or playing with computers. After long periods of near work, their eyes are unable to refocus to see clearly in the distance, and even cause complications like retinal detachment, macular diseases, glaucoma etc. When they get old, it will be very easy for them to have blurred vision or even become blind. For the elders, as they grow older, their eyesight declines. With the senescence of eyes, people can have various eyes diseases like presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, floaters etc. Therefore, it become especially important for elders to pay attention to eye health.


Eyes are so important to us but easy to get diseases, so people start looking for ways to protect their eyes. Some people wear contact lenses for beauty, but contact lenses don’t work for small kids and the lens itself with harmful germs can hurt the eyes. The machines which declare that they can cure eyes on the market, not only can’t cure the eyes, but let eyes hurt more, which make the problem become more serious.


As a safe and effective way to protect our eyes, the anthocyanins in bilberry is one of the most powerfulforms of antioxidants, which can make the retina stable effectively and stop retina being sick because of diabetes. It can also help oxygen and blood to go to the capollaries around eyes, improve pseudomyopia, eye strain, allergic optic nerve, tired eyes, can't accustomed to the light and nightblind. Bilberry is also very effective to high myopia, amblyopia and lack of vision.