Garlic – Known To Be One Of The Most Powerful Supplements

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Garlic – Known To Be One Of The Most Powerful Supplements

Known to be a powerful supplement in many different areas, Garlic extract is a safe, natural, and effective supplement created to enhance the health of all adults. Garlic can be used as a dietary supplement that’s known to be used to reduce the incidence of common cold, boost immunity, and aid the cardiovascular system among other benefits. Our unique formula: 


  • has been processed with attention to detail and the utmost care given to preserving the compounds within the garlic that effect the body with its positive benefits.
  • assists with regulating your blood pressure: Garlic extract has been known to help with a variety of heart related conditions including high and low blood pressure, reduced blood flow, and high cholesterol as well as others.
  • boosts immunity: Garlic helps to reduce the incidences of adults contracting the common cold.
  • better brain health: Garlic is known to contain plenty of antioxidants that keep your brain healthy.
  • Our high potency Garlic Extract is manufactured with only safe and natural ingredients which are carefully processed in order to ensure maxim absorption of all beneficial compounds. We also strive to make each of our supplements able to be quickly absorbed by your body. You will enjoy and increased quality of living when you take exceptional care of your body.

    [Ingredients: Garlic (garlic bulb 10:1 extract, 5000mg) 500mg]
    [Other Ingredients:gelatin, glycerin, soybean oil.]
    [Directions: For adults, take 1 softgel, 1 time daily, preferably with a meal. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications you take with your health care practitioner.]
    [Expiry Date: At least 12 months from purchased date.]


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