GLS 維骨素

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Do you always feel stiff in the joints and ache all over when you get up in the morning? Have muscle weakness and joint instability when you stand up after sitting for a long time? Have difficulty with stairs, but get better when you rest for a while, but after resting for a long time you feel stiff in the joints again… All symptoms means the health of your joints has raised red flags.

According to a research, the incidence of degenerative arthritis, for people in their 50s is 20% ~ 30%, for people in their 70s is 70%, and the rate in female patients is higher than male. “As long as you live long enough, you will have it.” For elders above 65, half of them are suffering degenerative arthritis, and usually it happens earlier on women. Especially easy to have degenerative arthritis on postmenopausal women, when they are in their 50s, but men are about 10 years later, when they are in their 60s.

Since the occurrence of arthritis can not be avoided, is there any way to alleviate symptoms? The answer is yes. The only way to cure cartilage damage is to increase the amount of glucosamine (GLS). Only glucosamine can help our body to cure the cartilages, and even can relieve the pain, so the articular cartilage can produces effect adequately. More importantly, using anarthritis painkiller can always lead to side effects like an upset stomach, but using glucosamine can never have it. Supplementary glucosamine can be done from various food or supplements, but natural sources from food is based on something like crab’s shell, it not very common so it’s not easy to get it from food.

A research from European medical authorities shows that, taking glucosamine is a great help to cure cartilage damage. Glucosamine is a substance, most often synthetic organic by amino acid and carbohydrate, and usually there are a lot in our bodies. In America and the euro area, glucosamine has become an important supplement for keep cartilage healthy. Taking glucosamine every day, doing proper exercise and control the weight can reduce the rate of having arthritis and relieve the pain.

As a main component in osseous tissue, GlS, in other words glucosamine can make the bones grow and prevent bone loss, increase bone density, relive the pain and let you have healthy bones.






GLS作為骨質組織中之最主要物質,也就是葡萄醣胺,能夠有效促進骨質成長,刺激體內結締組織的生長。防止骨質流失,增強骨質間密度,減輕關節炎疼 痛,預防中老年性骨折,還您骨質健康。