Seal Oil 海豹油

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In the last few years, with the improvement of living standards of modern people, people are living longer. So in theory, how many years can humans live? Science has shown that it’s 120 years. But why most of us can’t live that long? That’s because people’s unhealthy living habits and living environments can cause a lot of diseases. Cerebrovascular disease is a major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. The researchers from University of Berne and University of Zurich, Switzerland found that eating chocolate can help to relieve stress and prevent cerebrovascular disease at the same time. The problem is, chocolate is too sweet for some people, especially the people with diabetes; while only few people like the sugar free dark chocolate because of its bitter taste. In order to prevent and find out a generally accepted way against this disease, researchers did a lot of work.

It has been long the medical world found that the Eskimos that living near the north pole rarely have diseases like cerebrovascular, hypertension or cancer. By the seventies, some medical doctors finally found out that because of the seal oil and fish in their diet didn’t let them have all these kind of “disease of civilization” like the modern. As a natural material with the richest level of OMEGA-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid, seal oil contains lots of EPA, DPA and DHA and it’s a natural antioxidant. Researches showed that EPA, DPA and DHA can prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce hypertension, lower cholesterol, improve brain function and neurodevelopment and even resist cancer. Especially DHA and EPA, the synergy between them is to prevent cerebrovascular disease, help to thin the blood and avoid clotting and eliminate fatigue etc. In conclusion, seal oil is an essential supplement for older people, pregnant or lactating women and babies who are receiving insufficient breast milk.