Bee Propolis 蜂膠

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Why some people seem like never have diseases, while other people are every few days with a fever? Ultimately, it’s because people’s immunity are all different. Immunity is like a wall to protect against bacteria and viruses. Having a weak immune system can easily be invaded by different kinds of pathogenic factor, which leads to endocrine disorder, insomnia and many problems. Therefore, to keep healthy and improve immune system is very important. Since ancient times, humans never stop studying how to improve their immune systems. For example, researchers from the University of Southern California proved that having fast once a while or wandering in a forest can improve our immune system. Some African countries’ people even tried to eat carrion. Today, the pace of life is increasing with technological advancements; many people can’t stand living without eating for a whole day, and not everyone has time for a forest, let alone eating carrion, I don’t think many people will like to try. So is there any safe ways to improve our immune system? The answer is yes.


Propolis is used by bees to keep the whole group healthy. A swarm that contains 50 to 60 thousands of bees can only produce 70 to 110 grams propolis a year, so that’s why it is called “purple Gold”. Propolis is a precious immunoenhancer, a clear promotion of tissue regeneration, anti-tumor and enhances the role of immunity. At the same time, propolis also has significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, and it has good treatment result to diabetes and inflammations, so it’s also commonly called “Modern Panacea”.