Bio Calcium 植物離子鈣

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As basic components of human bodies, Bones can protect us and can also help us to engage various activities. As a basic component of bones, calcium is very important to human bodies, while lacking of calcium is one of the reasons of harming people’s health.


So what the crowd for lacking calcium? For office workers, they are sitting in the air conditioning office, facing computers everyday and eating disorders. Even when they have holidays, they still don’t want to go out and enjoy the sunshine, which is very easy to lose calcium for their bones. Some 40’s always feel pain everywhere in their bodies, that’s called typical osteoporosis. And for the kids who are still physical growing should pay more attention for getting calcium. Their bodies are still forming bone density, so the higher bone density they get now, the lower chance that they will have osteoporosis later.


Thus calcium is so important to us, so people are looking for different ways to get calcium now. Doing a lot of outdoor sports and enjoy the sunshine can mobilize Vitamin D, thereby promoting calcium absorption. The problem is, people nowadays have too much stress at work, so they don’t even have time for the sunshine. Milk or dairy products’ calcium level is good, but a cup of milk only contains imitated calcium and not everybody like to drink milk, especially for kids. Lots of kids declare that they don’t like the taste of milk. Other foods that are rich in calcium, like dried fish, oysters and grain are also ideal options, but lots of people are allergic to sea foods, and the phytic acid in gains will interfere with calcium absorption.


Actually as the best option of getting calcium, bio calcium is made in new technology (HVP). It’s water soluble and contains Vit D3. This product has the biological activity which is similar to human bodies, so its absorption rate is three to ten times faster than ordinary calcium tablets. In addition, it can be absorbed well and stops it from forming crystals that can turn into stones. The product is suitable for both adults and children, and it can be the first choice of taking calcium.