100% Pure Raw Unfiltered Honeycomb 250g+ for Natural Cholesterol Management

Product Name: Total Natural Honeycomb

Concentration: 250g+

About the Product:

✔ 100% Pure Raw HONEYCOMB straight from the hive: Unfiltered *Kosher * 250g
✔ NATURALLY SWEET and delicious!

✔ THE PERFECT GIFT for a vegetarian friend, family member, a health conscious pal and YOU!
✔ NO Pestisides * NO Herbisides * NO Chemicals or Pollutants * NO Artificial Ingredients, Additives or Preservatives

Benefits & Function

  • Indulge in Nature's Sweetness: Enjoy the pure, unadulterated sweetness of honeycomb, a perfect gift for vegetarian friends, family members, and health-conscious individuals. Vancouver's Total Natural brings you a product with NO pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, artificial ingredients, additives, or preservatives.
  • Health Benefits Beyond Taste: This honeycomb offers health benefits beyond its delicious taste. It supports cholesterol management, enhances liver function, and contains antioxidants that combat free radicals, contributing to your overall well-being.
  • Gift Nature's Goodness: Share the goodness of nature with a gift that is not just sweet but also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Ideal for those conscious of cholesterol levels and seeking a natural, pure delight

Ingredients: The purest and rawest Honey, Royal Jelly, Beewax, Honeycomb

Country Of Origin: Canada

Expiry Date: At least 12 months

Category: Honey, Honeycomb, Liver Care & Cancer Prevention

Type: Unknown Type

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Wenyu Chi

100% Pure Raw Unfiltered Honeycomb 250g+