Alfalfa 500mg - A Digestive Tonic with Traditional Benefits

Product Name: Alfalfa 500mg 250c

Brand Name: Total Natural

Natural Product Number (NPN):  80004408

Concentration: 500mg

Unit Per Bottle: 250c

Approximately Weight Per Bottle: 250g

Benefits & Functions:

Immerse yourself in the wholesome benefits of Alfalfa 500mg from Total Natural in Vancouver. This time-honored herb has been traditionally celebrated as a digestive tonic and appetite stimulant. Explore the natural remedy for dyspepsia and arthritis pain relief, as well as its traditional role in promoting appetite and weight gain.

  • The Legacy of Alfalfa: In the heart of Vancouver, Total Natural introduces you to Alfalfa 500mg, a herbal treasure known for its digestive tonic properties. Traditionally cherished for centuries, Alfalfa continues to be a source of well-being.

  • Digestive Tonic Wonder: Alfalfa has stood the test of time as a revered digestive tonic. Experience the gentle support it provides for digestion and its role in stimulating a healthy appetite.
  • Relief from Arthritis Pain: Traditional wisdom recognizes Alfalfa's potential in relieving arthritis pain. Embrace the natural approach to soothing discomfort and promoting joint health.
  • Appetite Enhancement: Alfalfa's reputation extends to appetite enhancement and weight gain. Discover a holistic solution for those seeking a natural boost in appetite.
  • Total Natural Assurance: Total Natural's Alfalfa 500mg embodies our commitment to providing natural solutions that align with traditional wisdom, ensuring your well-being in Vancouver and beyond.

    Ingredients: Alfalfa (aerial parts 5:1 extract) 500mg

    Other Ingredients: cellulose, microcrystalline, gelatin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide

    Directions: For adults, take 4 capsules three times per day. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications you take with a health care practitioner.

    Code Number: L04

    Barcode: 643956650952

    Country Of Origin: Canada

    Expiry Date: At least 12 months


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    Lori Life

    Alfalfa 500mg 250c

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    Alfalfa 500mg 250c

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    Super fast delivery, excellent product quality and amazing price!


    Very happy with purchase, top quality product, highly recommend! Packaging is very convenient